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Rental Process

Hi! I am so happy you are here!​ To be put on the Rental Waitlist 



First I pre-qualify my potential clients. It's a $38 fee paid directly to RentSpree. You'll login and create an account. Everything is confidential and you'll receive your own copy of the report!!! This checks Credit Score, Evictions and Criminal/Background through TransUnion. All landlords will need this information, with me pulling this ahead of time, it takes the work load off of them and their property leasing team and shows that we're a serious team! Now, some landlords will still want to run their own background checks, in which case, you'd need to pay them their fee. The only time I really see this is with apartment or housing complexes. They have their own in-house leasing departments and will not co-op with outside real estate agents. In this case I will transition you over to their in-house agents.

Once we get the application squared away then we can move onto the next steps. We’ll have a phone meeting or an in-person meeting. Then I’ll set you up on the MLS portal and you'll get notifications when new properties come on the market that match your criteria. Then we go tour!!! The fun part!

Step #1: Fill out Rental Questionnaire

Step #2: Here is the Link to the RentSpree Application 

Commission: Typically my commissions are paid for by the landlord. If a property is listed on the MLS, the landlord pays the commission. However, some private landlords (off MLS) WILL NOT pay a commission to a tenants agent. Therefore, my commission would be paid for by my client. That commission would be a flat fee of $350. Which is paid for after the deal closes and the lease has been signed. Fee contract will be signed along with Consumer Notice and Non-Exclusive Tenant Agreement at first meeting. 


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!. 

Warmest Regards, 

The rental market is just as competitive as the housing market right now! Most rentals on the MLS get snatched up within days. In order to have the best possible outcome and stand out amongst the others, is to show that we are a step ahead of the process.

Herr Rental Process and Application

Get access to top rental listings in and around Montgomery County. We represent many of the major landlords in the area, giving you access to many rentals before they even hit the market!


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