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Luxury Apartment REALTOR® Partnerships

Megan Herr Real Estate has built her business on reputation. That reputation has built solid relationships with many property management companies and builders! Megan Herr Real Estate is truly, your one stop for all your Real Estate needs!

REALTOR®️ Partnerships allow Megan's clients to get exclusive offers or benefits, not available to anyone else. Be represented by a professional to help you navigate through the leasing process.

AVE King of Prussia


AVE by Korman Communities is conveniently located across from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia KOP and located in the heart of King of Prussia. Nearby shopping and restaurants at King of Prussia Town Center. This community is luxury living at it's finest! 1-2 Bedroom furnished apartments available for short term or long term leases. This complex boasts a private screening room, pool, a tranquil massage room, premium health and wellness amenities including Yoga and Spin rooms and much more! Multiple private conference rooms for a convenient work-from-home space. They have thought of everything, down to where your friends and family can stay when they're visiting from out of town! This IS luxury apartment living on steriods!

AVE Short Stays

Want to sell your home but not be stressed with the logistics of a simultaneous seller and buyer transaction? Need a place to stay while your house is being built?


Pack once, move twice with no added hassle or stress! AVE offers short term leases, stay for a month or two (even three or more!) AVE offers fully furnished apartments down to the flatware! Put your belongings in short term storage and unpack when you find your next home!

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